13. February 17 | Harman by Hahnem├╝hle will be discontinued

Hahnem├╝hle came to the conclusion, to discontinue the retail of their ambitious media of the Harman by Hahnem├╝hle range for FineArt Inkjet printing.

In the future, the main focus will be on the 27...

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10. June 16 | Kai Wiedenh├Âfer: WARonWALL

After his impressing project WALLONWALL we would like to present Mr. Kai Wiedenh├Âfer┬┤s new project to you. In cooperation with the Department for Foreign Affairs, Kai Wiedenh├Âfer has been creating an...

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10. June 16 | Proof paper for the new FOGRA standards

Rauch┬┤s current range of proof media covers all products which are established in the prepress and while proofing.

The proof list 156 has been expanded by three new proof papers, which are...

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10. June 16 | PhotographersLine: mediaJET® Polyfoto G

One of our highest quality PET-films for foto prints is now an inherent part of the MediaJet PhotographersLine.

This film (former element of price list 158) is a classic display PET-film with...

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19. May 16 | New paper: mediaJET® Museum Natural Smooth

This new PhotoArt cotton paper is characterized by its velvet soft, natural white surface. Ideal for photographic applications and high quality photo and fine art prints. mediaJET® Museum Natural...

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19. May 16 | New paper: mediaJET® Museum Watercolor

A special natural white watercolor-surface and a 100% cotton texture characterize the new FineArt paper mediaJET® Museum Watercolor. The modern aquarel texture makes it the ideal paper for valuable...

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19. May 16 | Review: RGF Print Cocktails

In April we have been attending the Print Cocktails in Dortmund and Kiel.

From 3D-printing to advertisement engineering, from sublimation technology to textile printing - the world of printing...

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19. May 16 | Photo exhibition: LUMEN ET UMBRA

In appreciation of her artwork, the Potsdam Museum - Forum f├╝r Kunst und Geschichte is having a photo exhibition called LUMEN ET UMBRA for the photographer Monika Schulz-Fieguth.

Extreme contrasts...

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29. March 16 | Print Cocktail Dortmund

From April 12th until April 14th we will be present at the first Print Cocktail in Dortmund. From 3D-printing to advertisement engineering, from sublimation technology to textile printing - you can...

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29. March 16 | Mediajet Photo Metallic Chrome 300 and Lustre 300

These incomparable Inkjet photo papers with fascinating nacreous effect nable professional photographers to produce impressive images on an extravagant, metallic paper surface.

They are universally...

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