A new brand image for “mediaJET”

After the production of new high-quality packaging and various advertising media, the completely newly developed appearance for our own photo and fine art brand “mediaJET” was presented to the public in November 2019 and is now being implemented step by step.

From now on, the colour scheme assigns the products to their purpose at a glance: noble anthracite characterises the “Photo Line” and fine gold the products of the “Artist Line”. The different surfaces and areas of application are represented by six carefully selected leitmotifs of our brand ambassador “Main Light” for the respective paper types.

A contemporary and evocative Internet presence accompanies the brand image of “mediaJET” in the online media as well and is waiting to be discovered by you at www.mediajet.de.

This is another step Rauch has taken towards developing as a leading provider of high-quality photo and fine art media:  “the experts of photo & fine art”