Kai Wiedenhöfer: WARonWALL

10.June 16

After his impressing project WALLONWALL we would like to present Mr. Kai Wiedenhöfer´s new project to you. In cooperation with the Department for Foreign Affairs, Kai Wiedenhöfer has been creating an exhibition about the war in Syria: WARonWALL.

On a length of around 335 meters, pictures of the destroyed city Kobane and pictures of injured victims of the war are going to be placarded on the Berlin Wall. For this project, Rauch papers is providing Mr. Wiedenhöfer the outdoor poster paper mediaJET® S PlakatPro. The exhibition will be shown for three to four months along the Berlin Wall, starting in June 2016.

WARonWALL is a follow-up project of the exposition "FORTY out of ONE MILLION - THE HUMAN COST OF THE SYRIAN WAR" which has been presented in the Department for Foreign Affairs in april, 2016. In addition to that a publication about the syrian injured victims of war was released in april, last year.

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