Our portfolio offers a wide range of possibilities to bring your prints to paper, film, sticker and more. On this page, we aim to present you with the most beautiful and the most spectacular projects that have been created using our printing media. If you have also implemented such a project, feel free to contact us: We are looking forward to showcasing your projects

TU Darmstadt - "Sichten"

Das Druckzentrum Lichtwiese ist eine Abteilung der TU Darmstadt, angesiedelt am FB Architektur, die prim├Ąr f├╝r die Studierenden, Lehrenden, Forschenden und Verwaltung der TU Darmstadt Gro├čformatdrucke (Eco-Solvent- und Wasser-Pigment-Technik), Kleinformatdrucke (Trockentoner-Digitaldruck) und Weiterverarbeitungsleistungen im Gro├č- und Kleinformat erbringt. Dar├╝ber hinaus das Druckzentrum Lichtwiese seit Jahren durch seine Qualit├Ąt eine Reihe von Auftraggebern aus dem kulturellen, ├Âffentlichen und sozialen Sektor f├╝r unsere Arbeit gewinnen k├Ânnen und ├╝berregional Ausstellungen produziert.

Birte Hennig - Between Steubenparade and Alpine Village

HennigÔÇÖs work of art October, displayed in Braunschweig for the first time, reflects the photogrpaherÔÇÖs careful search for traces of over 300 years of German emigration to the USA. What status might German cultural identity have among emigrants today, and what does the process of assimilation really mean to those affected? How does one cope with the loss of general acceptance based on oneÔÇÖs cultural roots and how does one succeed in adapting to the customs of a foreign land?

GARDENA Showrooms 2014

GARDENA, the well-known manufacturer of garden equipment, showcased the innovations from its 2015 catalogue in a specially prepared showroom, during the period from May 2014 to August 2014. Amongst the products presented to the company's major customers and to a raft of interested journalists was the new generation of the original GARDENA System, the brand for which the company is known around the world.

Manfred Kriegelstein - Hahnem├╝hle Museum Etching Deckle Edge and photo stretch frames

If you are a fan of Hahnem├╝hle deckle edge papers, you will often have been confronted by the problem of the best way to present your pictures. At the end of the day, the jagged deckle edging should also be a feature, which is not possible if you use a mount. Of course, you can always glue the paper to a backing paper and then frame it but this causes damage to the back of the fine art print, at least. Not forgetting the fact that the precise positioning on the backing paper is no easy matter...

Lena Reiner - Nah

In her touring exhibition "Nah" ("Close up"), people photographer Lena Reiner showcases portraits of people that are entirely natural, totally unadorned, completely on their own and with no hint of retouching or falsification. "Nah" shows people from very close, without seeking to embarrass or to compromise the subject and concentrates on the portrait, which however, should not be seen as just a photograph of a face but as a photograph of a character. With around 40 portraits from the exhibition pool, "Nah.II" is now at the ├ťberlingen town library from 30th October 2014 until 12th April 2015. The exhibition also includes photographs from "Projekt ├ťBERleben" ("Project survival"), which Reiner set up together with Barbara Hauter, who herself has survived a near death experience.

The camel, the donkey and the sea

Of myths and legends of the gods

Myths, legends and stories have fascinated mankind for thousands of years. The stories that have been handed down from generation to generation, reawaken good and evil and the heroes and heroines of the past, allowing them to live again over the years. But what picture do we have in our mind's eye of fairies, nymphs, mythical creatures and goddesses? Using the camera obscura, the exhibition seeks to achieve a photographic approximation to those old stories and figures from mythical times.

Visual Dreams and Intense Curiosity

Two third of our planet is covered with water. ÔÇťYou have to imagine this planet as a water planet, not as an earth planet. The ocean is the heart and the soul of life. In this very, very empty, very dark universe just one orb glows blueÔÇŁ, David Doubilet says.

Hak Design Holzk├Âpfe

The prepress repro of the photo series "Holzk├Âpfe" from Robert Hak were created with Rauch Repro UV colour separation film.

ZEAG exhibition Heilbronn

Gerd Schwanitz's experimental images are created solely on his computer. To do this, he starts by dissecting a digital photo into many separate elements. After that, the individual segments are re-created using colour and put back together in a different order using dozens of different creative processes. There can often be up to 50 intermediate images before the final artwork is ready. Schwanitz's special technique is based in the multiplicity of images that underlie the single motif.

Vite Spinata / Barbed Vine

The free-hanging sheets of Kozo mulberry-fiber paper catch currents of air, rising and falling in slow breaths.

Wall on Wall Berlin

The open-air photo exhibition "wall on wall" shows from July 10, 2013 to November 10, 2013 panorama photos of the Berlin photographer Kai Wiedenh├Âfer, who has taken photos of border walls in Bagdad, Belfast and Israel since 2006.

Celebrations and markets in the Rhein-Pfalz area

From June 20, 2013 to July 31, 2013, the photographer Ulrich Oberst presents the exhibition "Celebrations and markets in the Rhein-Pfalz area" at the Sparkasse Maxdorf. Ulrich Oberst has focused his eyes to the county and attended the people of the region on their celebrations.



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