“The FineArt Experts” – that is our passion. This includes, above all, the fulfilment of individual customer wishes in the fields of photography, art reproduction and digital art. This is an enormously demanding task for which we have acquired know-how that is unrivalled in the industry.

As the basis for the perfect solution in each case, Rauch has one of the most versatile product ranges of substrates for water-based inkjet printing. Customers all over the world rely on our Photo & FineArt portfolio. These include, for example, Hahnemühle® Digital FineArt media, excellently complemented by our in-house FineArt brand mediaJET®. In addition, our portfolio ranges from selected photo paper assortments to canvases and the traditional Washi paper line from Awagami® to varnishes and art protection varnishes.

mediaJET Artist Line

An art in itself:

With unsurpassed detail-rich prints on special surfaces, the ARTIST LINE fine art papers give every motif a unique character. As a traditional or a digital photo artist, it is your right to expect that your works always achieve the optimum effect through the use of a perfectly matched print medium. To this end, the carefully curated mediaJET® ARTIST LINE papers always offer the ideal print medium to demanding artists and photographers.

Irrespective of whether it is brilliant white or natural white, gloss or textured, classical cotton papers with innovative inkjet coating, our premium papers provide you with the optimum support for the attractive and contemporary presentation of your work. Whether it is a question of professional photography, the digital reproduction of works of art or the classical fine art sector, the broad product range covers all the needs of modern creative people thanks to a wide variety of paper surfaces and haptics.

mediaJET Photo Line

Masterful visual impact:

Printed on the high-quality mediaJET® PHOTO LINE photo papers, any image is sure to impress with its excellent appearance. As a professional photographer or photo artist, you are always striving to present your customers and your audience outstanding results in pictures and in print.

The versatile print media from mediaJET® PHOTO LINE have been created and curated specially to meet the applications and the requirements of demanding photographers. Irrespective of whether it is a classical portrait print or whether you are creating digital prints with special surface effects, our print media always offer the perfect basis for long-lasting photographic and fine art prints of the highest quality.

From wedding, beauty and fashion to business through to art – the wide product range covers all the needs of professional users thanks to a wide variety of paper qualities and surfaces.

Hahnemühle DFA Collection

The well-known paper mill that trades today under the name “Hahnemühle” has been producing superior paper since as long ago as 1584. The Hahnemühle “Digital FineArt” Collection is manufactured using true hand-made and fourdrinier techniques and stands out from the mass-market, thanks to its unique appearance.

As a distributor of the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection, we carry the whole range, can give you competent advice and if required, can create the corresponding ICC profile. The high-quality inkjet coatings are suitable for many different print systems, both with pigmented and dye-based inks and offer an awesome colour intensity and sharpness of image.

Hahnemühle FineArt papers are used for original digital art prints, limited editions, art reproductions and giclées as well as photo printouts and for the production of photo albums. The precision of digital print media is united in an impressive way with the wonderful grace of  traditionally manufactured, true artist paper.

All Hahnemühle media fulfil the highest demands in terms of colour scope, contrast, drawing and colour stepping. Multiple awards from TIPA, BIPP and American Photo confirm their incredible quality.

Awagami Inkjet Papers

The traditional Japanese papers from “Awagami” are especially suitable for fine art prints in Asian style. No matter if reproduction of art prints, scrolls or drawings – the different grains of the Japanese papers make your digital prints look real.

Awagami Inkjet Papers are special Japanese papers that are exclusively produced in the Tokushima mill to obtain museum quality inkjet digital prints. AIJP papers are suitable for photographers, artists and designers alike. Traditionally produced and also handmade from natural fibres and pure mountain water. AIJP papers retain the unique texture of Japanese Washi, but are specially coated to maximise the creative potential of your digital prints. Awagami AIJP is a truly exceptional fine art brand and aims to open up new creative possibilities for paper enthusiasts.

Artist Canvas

Whether you are looking to decorate the walls of hotels, conference centres, restaurants or private homes, it is now possible to make high-quality and affordable reproductions of artworks, thanks to the latest in inkjet technology. When printed on an artist’s canvas, a reproduction gives the impression of being a real painting. Canvas is also the medium of choice for portraits and wedding photographs, if the result should stand out from the crowd. Depending on the effect you are looking to achieve, you can select from a range of canvas qualities.

Retail Minilab

Developed specifically for use in Dry-minilabs, with different surfaces, from gloss to metallic. These high-quality inkjet media give intensive colors and natural color shades, professional black and white gradations, high density and pure white tones, and guarantees razor sharp high-resolution prints.

Printing media for POS graphics & production, water-based inks

Our portfolio of printing media for the use on systems wih waterbased inks contains high-class matt and special papers as well as different fabrics, textiles, canvas and adhesive films. The papers can be used with dye or pigmented inks.

Prepress stage proof

So many different tasks, so many different answers: we offer you a wide range, from newspaper and stand proof paper through color proof and up to FOGRA certified proofing substrate.

Production of screen-printing templates

Our colour separation films are perfect for creating positive and negative repro templates on the pre-press and screen-printing. High quality inkjet film for innovative colour separations, black line and halftone images.

Industrial Printing

The production of customised prints in a quality that is at least as good as offset using high-productivity printers, is a demanding challenge of our time. And to this end, the quality of the paper is a decisive factor when it comes to achieving commercial success and at the same time, it is an important differentiation characteristic in respect of the competition. With our “Industrial Printing” range, we offer you a broad choice of high-quality, innovative printing media for digital printers such as HP Indigo, Kodak Nexpress, Canon Image Press, Konica Minolta bizhub, Rico Pro, Xerox iGen and Xerox 800/1000.

Document Protection

To protect your valuable prints, you will find a wide range of laminating films and protective varnishes. Whether paper, film or canvas: with the right product you can protect your image from yellowing, fading, moisture and mechanical influences.


With the correct display or presentation system from Rauch, you can give your advertisement the quality rating it deserves! Roll-up displays, Pop-up walls, Banner stands, Poster tracks, Picture frames, our range is sure to impress. And on top of all that, we can recommend the most suitable printing medium for each display, ensuring a perfect match.