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For us, an extensive service package is an essential addition to the meticulous selection and production of our media. Because this is the only way to ensure perfect results and satisfied customers. At the end of the day, if you are successful, we are successful!


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In our Newsletter, we present new products and give you information about changes in our catalogue.

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The Advisor Catalogue

In our extensive catalogue, you will find compatibility overviews and price lists as well as links to data sheets and application recommendations.

Which media for which printer?

Using our compatibility lists, you will find the right large format media for your application with your printer.
These lists are an integral part of our catalogue. Make use of the many functions that help lead you through your decision making.

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B1-certified media

For stand construction, interior design, production of banners and other advertising media to print images, we offer a wide range of flame resistant fabrics, woven fabrics and mesh that can be used in public spaces.

ICC profiles

Without a correct ICC profile, each device interprets colours differently. Something that appears fantastic and colour-fast on the screen loses its complete effect when it is printed. Colour faults and missing contrasts that either make the motif look too warm or too cold, too lifeless or too bleak, are to blame.

Mirage Media Packages for Rauch and mediaJET

For the latest EPSON printers you can now use our all new Mirage Media Packages offering a multitude of color profiles for Rauch and mediaJET papers. You may also use our RGB profiles for older Epson printers or other papers -  derive benefit from our step-by-step manual!

Keep track of your color management! With the help of ColorCheck-Online you can control your RGB-prints for correct color rendering and a good gray balance.

The report function shows you what condition your color range is in and when your Instruments need servicing.

Made in Germany

High grade quality is a very important factor for the Rauch GmbH.

In this effect the precise manufacturing of all components is as important for us as perfect packaging techniques or the topics "sustainability and protection of the environment". Assembling the products in our own converting facility is what -Made in Germany- means to us. These are including our excellent printing substrates like photographic papers, canvas, matte inkjet papers, natural papers and a lot of specialties.



Download our extensive catalogue and find compatibility overviews, price lists, data sheets, and application recommendations!

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Focused product

signJET Plakat Metallic

Metalized outdoor poster/billboard paper for waterproof poster prints with high definition and excellent color brilliance. Blue reverse reliably covers underlying posters. Well suited for high print volume and fast printing speeds.

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