For stand construction, interior design, production of banners and other advertising media to print images, we offer a wide range of flame resistant fabrics, woven fabrics and mesh that can be used in public spaces.

When selecting our products, we pay special attention to their reaction to fire. Products that have successfully passed the German fire certification tests, offer the safety of being classified as a building material ÔÇťB1ÔÇŁ according to  DIN 4102-1.

Waterbased Media

We offer a range of media for printers using waterbased inks. The media are b1 certified and can be used, for example for fineart prints in museums, exhibitions and more.

Media for solvent/latex

Here you find a range of products, especially designed for the use with solvent- and latexprinters. All media are perfect for print service providers that want to create flame retardant prints for example on exhibitions, points of sales and more.



Download our extensive catalogue and find compatibility overviews, price lists, data sheets, and application recommendations!

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Focused product

signJET Plakat Metallic

Metalized outdoor poster/billboard paper for waterproof poster prints with high definition and excellent color brilliance. Blue reverse reliably covers underlying posters. Well suited for high print volume and fast printing speeds.

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