B1 Certification

Waterbased Media

We offer a range of media for printers using waterbased inks. The media are b1 certified and can be used, for example for fineart prints in museums, exhibitions and more.

Banner & Sign

PLC-BannerPRO B1

Tensile strength and weatherproof vinyl plane

Bright white "stoplight" vinyl cover, tear and weather resistant, printable with pigmented ink for outdoor advertising, easy handling, very high UV resistance, dense and brilliant color reproduction, can be sewed and pierced.



Outdoor vinylfilm, self adhesive

Highly opaque and flexible vinyl film with a microporous coating. Even unlaminated, outdoor life time up to 12 months if printed on with pigmented ink. Can be laminated right to its edges. Polyacrylate dispersion adhesive on backside.

Fabrics & Textiles

Persenning Heavy B1

Robust polyester cloth

Sturdy tarpaulin with dimensional stability, for rollup-displays, banners, set building etc. Made of heavy-duty polyester weave, flame retardant, extremely wind, water and tear-resistant. Non-fray cutting.

Wall Fleece Smooth SK

Polyester photo fleece self-adhesive

This fine smooth wallcovering gives vivid, sharp print results with brilliant colors. 100% PVC-free, self adhesive, universally printable and easy to apply, certified B1 fire retardant when applied to a flame retardant surface.



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Focused product

signJET RollUp Premium 200S

Satin coated polyester film for premium RollUp displays. Very good flatness, opaque inlay so that the light doesn┬┤t break through. Very good colour brillance, white back side.

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