Visual Dreams and Intense Curiosity

Two third of our planet is covered with water. “You have to imagine this planet as a water planet, not as an earth planet. The ocean is the heart and the soul of life. In this very, very empty, very dark universe just one orb glows blue”, David Doubilet says.

The exhibition „Visual Dreams and Intense Curiosity“, ment as a retrospective, was created in close teamwork with David Doubilet and his partner Jennifer Hayes. It shows more than 100 works of five decades. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Germany supports the exhibition as a media partner. After the retrospectives of Steve McCurry and Jim Brandenburg, the City Museum Schleswig and the City Gallery Iserlohn are proud and happy to present exclusively one more master of photography. This show, curated by both houses, is the first big David Doubilet exhibition worldwide.

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Photographer/artist: David Doubilet
Printing provider: Zirbes Medienagentur
Exhibition locations and time:
City Gallery Iserlohn - February 2, 2014 to April 27, 2014
City Museum Schleswig - May 16, 2014 to October 26, 2014


Which printing media was used?

For creating the project, the following printing media of Rauch was used:

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