ICC profiles

ICC profiles

Without a correct ICC profile, each device interprets colours differently. Something that appears fantastic and colour-fast on the screen loses its complete effect when it is printed. Colour faults and missing contrasts that either make the motif look too warm or too cold, too lifeless or too bleak, are to blame.

An ICC profile is a file that contains information, which enables the printer to produce an exact colour reproduction on a certain paper. Your colour management system converts the colours internally using the existing ICC profile, so that they look exactly the same when printed as they did in the original or on screen. Depending on the conversion process (the Rendering Intent), colours that the printer may not be able to reproduce are shifted in such a way that they are as close as possible to the original. Using ICC profiles enables you to create reproducible results with optimum colours. Here, we make a selection of ICC profiles available to you for Rauch/mediaJET media for different printers. As each paper has different shading, surface, etc., it is vital that you download the appropriate ICC profile. Our ICC Profiles are constantly being updated. If you need a profile that is not already contained in the list, please get in contact with us: info@rauch-papiere.de

Instruction for the usage of ICC-profiles

Instruction for the usage of ICC-profiles

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Instruction for the Integration of RGB profiles in Mirage

Instruction for the Integration of RGB profiles in Mirage

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You can download most of our profiles as a ZIP-compressed Folder. Please note that the files have to be unzipped before they can be used.

We recommend that you follow our usage tips, in order to create the best print results. If you have concerns that the printout doesnÔÇÖt match up to what you saw on screen, you should make sure that your monitor is correctly calibrated.

Our ICC profiles are made available to you on an ÔÇťas isÔÇŁ basis, i.e. we do not offer any technical support for them. They have been created on our printers and with our technical setup and systems. Deviations can occur when using our profiles on other printers caused by a lot of different factors such air temperature and humidity, production fluctuations in the printer and print head, the age of the inks, etc. and in spite of taking all possible precautions, it can happen that the results you get even when using the print profile, do not match up to your expectations. To help you achieve optimum results, we do offer the service of creating an individual ICC profile for you. Under certain circumstances, this service can be free of charge. Please contact us for further information: info@rauch-papiere.de


To make it easy for you to choose the right profile, we named our files according to the following scheme:



E = Epson
C = Canon
H = Hewlett Packard


PK= Photo Black
MK = Matt Black



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