Our contribution for the climate protection

Committed to protecting the climate and the environment

The Rauch Group is committed to sustainable protection of the climate and environment.

Not only the official certifications are important to us. Moreover, we check the qualifications of our supplier in terms of a coherent overall environmental approach and their ability to deal with CO2 emissions, water use and waste production, internal energy consumption, and disposal and recycling concepts.

We at Rauch commit ourselves to a multi-stage waste concept where we, for example, select recyclable materials such as pure paper and return them to the recycling loop.

Through our choice of raw material suppliers, we are making an active statement about reducing CO2 emissions. Our preferred papers are from paper manufacturers who have committed themselves to significantly reducing their CO2 emissions, year for year, following the Kyoto Protocol.

Through your decision to use specific Rauch papers, you are also actively contributing to the global reduction of CO2 emissions.

Inkjet papers


Recycling inkjet paper

Inkjet paper made of 100% recycled fibre, without optical brightener, for the output of monochrome and coloured lines with high resolution and good contrast; fast drying


Inkjet paper halftransparent

Super white inkjet paper with satinated surface. For monochrome and colorline plots with high resolution and good contrast; short drying time.


Inkjet paper, high resolution

Bright white pigmented inkjet paper for CAD-color full surface plots with very high resolution. Very good contrast due to satinated surface. The ink drying is water-resistant.

┬ę McLac2000 | pixabay.com | CC0


Inkjet-paper, bright white coated

Special double coated inkjet paper with a matte-opaque bright white surface, for high quality CAD applications. High water resistance, excellent edge sharpness, instant waterfast drying and excellent colour intensity. High resolution (1.440dpi) and high ink limit.


Inkjet-paper, mat coated

Special double coated matte paper for high quality presentation-plots. Satinated, with special bright white coating for brillant color reproduction, exact lines and fast drying. Also suitable for UV-Pigmented inks.

RP 140M

Color-proof paper matte

Color paper matte for high resolution, short drying time and very good flatness even for higher color coating. For form and placing proofs on matte paper, very good for Colorfast ink.

The pulp is manufactured according to highest environmental standards and most of our papers are ECF and TCF bleached.

Carbon neutral parcel shipping with DPD

We are committed to sustainable environmental and climate protection out of principle. That is why we have made DPDÔÇÖs ÔÇťTotal Zero principleÔÇŁ our own, and all parcels sent by Rauch with DPD are carbon neutral from July 1st, 2012. That means:

  • The improvement of our own CO2 footprint
  • Carbon neutral shipment at no extra cost to the customer
  • You and we share our responsibility to the environment and continue to offer highest quality standards.

In Germany, DPD actively has been working on the reduction of its carbon footprint (insetting). For example:

  • DPD has introduced electrical vehicles in Hamburg and Stuttgart
  • The shift from long-distance traffic to rail saves approximately 200 tons of CO2 per year
  • More efficient, aerodynamic trucks
  • DPD uses bicycles in residential areas
  • Almost complete absence of transport by air in Europe, which consumes about eight times as much CO2 as transport by road.

More infos about DPD Total Zero:

Green Rooster - The Environmental Initiative from Hahnem├╝hle

Environmental protection is an issue that concerns us all. That is why Hahnem├╝hle is making a donation from the sale of each product that carries the Green Rooster sticker, to a project for protecting the environment of your choosing. Be part of the decision-making as to which environment project should benefit from this support.

More about Green Rooster ┬╗

Hahnem├╝hle Bamboo 290g/m┬▓

Spiritual photography on resource-friendly Fine Art Paper

The traditional Hahnem├╝hle Paper Factory has developed the world's first Fine Art Inkjet paper made from bamboo fibres. The natural-white, warm-toned paper combines spiritual photography with environmental friendliness. Bamboo 290 is made of fibres from quick-growing bamboo grass and the Hahnem├╝hle company will support environmental projects with part of the revenues.

Washi and the environment

Since the old days, Japanese paper has (and still is) predominantly been made from hemp, gampi, kozo and mitsumata plant fibers. These plants of the non-wooden or ÔÇťbastÔÇŁ fiber variety are all easily renewable resources growing to maturity within only one to just  a few years.

ClairefontaineÔäó DCP Color Laser

DCP (Digital Color Printing) is a paper with an extremely bright rendition, whose surface contributes to high quality colour reproduction. Its high whiteness optimizes colour rendition. Its uniform texture allows for perfect printing of solids. Its delicate smoothness assures sharper and brighter printing of all images. DCP is guaranteed for copiers, colour laser printers and colour ink jet printers. Its wide range of grammages (from 90 to 350) satisfies the possibilities of most printing materials.

Felix Schoeller E-PHOTO®

The true photo paper for liquid toner systems. You'll scarcely find more impressive photos than those printed on E-PHOTO® papers. Through their unique PE surface they guarantee true photo quality, they have the look-and-feel of classic photo papers and they deliver excellent operating characteristics and toner adhesion. Our E-PHOTO® papers will impress you with their water and dirt-resistant surfaces and their outstanding folding and flexing characteristics. The selection available ticks practically all the boxes: The papers can be supplied in rolls or sheets, with matte, lustre, gloss, metallic and pyramid surfaces and for single-sided or double-sided printing. The grammages range from 135 to 290 grammes. All papers are developed and qualified for HP Indigo. Applications: Photo albums, posters, brochures, recipe books, flyers, postcards, table sets.

Felix Schoeller E-FEEL®

E-FEEL®, the textured fine paper for dry toner systems, is a tactile experience in two embossed paper topographies: Canvas reproduces a true canvas-like structure, optically and haptically. Pyramid is unmatched with its unusual hexagonal structure, that creates vivid prints with unique depths. Both of them deliver the qualities of excellent formation, high dimensional stability and exceptional toner adhesion. The grammages range from 150 to 260 grammes. E-FEEL® papers are suitable for dry toner devices such as Kodak Nexpress, Canon Image Press, Konica Minolta bizhub, Rico Pro, Xerox iGen and Xerox 800/1000.



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Focused product

mediaJET Mueum Watercolor

mediaJET Museum Watercolor is a natural white FineArt paper, from 100% cotton without OBA┬┤s, with a special aquarel surface, ideal for archival quality artist images. The natural white base yields a high D-Max with exceptional tonal range and color gamut. Acid free.

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