SIHL Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper 290 (4840)

Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper

Clear, brilliant, high gloss metallic ÔÇô perfect for portrait or advertising images, fashion and cars as well as landscape and jewellery.

Exquisite sheen for real ÔÇťpearlsÔÇŁ. Be it wedding; fashion or technical shots: Some motifs require a very special paper. MASTERCLASS Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper lends your pictures a fascinating pearl shimmer, as well as a flawless gloss and unique depth. It is perfect for scenes/ images with people , shining fabrics, metals, glass or jewellery. Due to effect pigments, a fascinating pearl shimmer is created, particularly effective with medium or light, pastel shades. Flawless Gloss. Outstanding detail reproduction and perfect sharpness thanks to its excellent resolution capacity. Brilliant colours, extra fine shading distinctions and natural rendering of skin tones. Perfect grey balance. Ideal contrast thanks to high maximum density, deep black and a neutral, bright white colouring of the paper. In combination with the pearl shimmer, it makes for a unique spatial impression.


SIHL Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper 290

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