Unser Service für unsere Fachhandelspartner

Our service for our
retail partners

We offer special products and services for retailers. We’ll find the right solution for your range based on your requirements and sales structure.

Useful information

The customer-specific labelling of our paperwork helps you, as a trade partner, enhance your brand identity, improve customer satisfaction, adapt flexibly to market conditions and ultimately be more competitive. Customer-specific labelling is a service that not only improves the outer appearance of products but also helps optimise internal processes and achieve a unique brand image.

Packaging is often the first thing customers notice when looking at a product. Whether it features your label or custom inserts, custom packaging allows you to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. Custom packaging plays a major role in product perception. It helps set the product apart from the competition and meet customer expectations. Packaging is an important aspect of your overall marketing and sales strategy.

We can also optionally assist our retailers with time-saving direct shipment. Priority direct mail allows retailers to offer a wide range of products without requiring additional storage space. They can access the manufacturer’s entire product portfolio and offer their customers a wider selection of goods.

The product and application training we offer for retailers’ employees aims to improve service and consultation quality to consequently boost sales effectiveness, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately improve their standing on the market. Our training constitutes an investment in employee skills that has a lasting positive impact on the success of our retailers.

Product management is a company-wide process that involves development, marketing and the success of products or services. It’s a discipline that aims to ensure that your product range corresponds to your customers’ requirements and is profitable.

At Rauch, we understand our customers’ needs and the market, analyse user and employee feedback, and work closely with development and design teams in paper factories to ensure that your product has the necessary functions and characteristics to successfully position the product on the market.

Product management is strategically important for your business as it impacts the profitability and competitiveness of your range. It requires a combination of analytical skills, technical knowledge, project management and communication skills in order to make the market compatible with your company’s internal resources and objectives.

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Spezielle Produkte Dienstleistungen für Fachhandelspartner