Exactly what you need

Rauch has a wide range of high-quality paper and print media made in Germany available for the areas of construction, architecture and measurement technology. This means consistently high quality at fair prices and with reliable delivery. The technical paper and film manufactured by us always provides a secure basis for professionally showcasing your work, even for more unusual requirements and print formats.

CAD inkjet paper

Print media for architecture, surveying & construction

Our bright white CAD inkjet paper for monochrome and coloured line display enables high-resolution printing with a good contrast. Our matte coated inkjet paper is particularly suitable for high-quality CAD presentations and other presentation plotters. Premium paper, on the other hand, impresses with its special colour-receiving layer that enables brilliant colour reproduction. All Rauch paper is fast-drying and mostly FSC-certified and bleached using chlorine-free ECF/TCF.
Drawings & reproductions

Special paper and plotter film

You’ll find our transparent paper and distortion-free plotter film here for monochrome printouts of high-contrast plots. These are ideal for all reproduction techniques and are characterised by fast-drying ink.
Spezielle Papiere & Plottfolien
Repro & production

PPC paper and film

Our PPC paper and film were specially developed for use with laser or copier plotters. The main benefits are excellent toner adhesion and heat resistance during processing. Our programme comprises both opaque and transparent paper and film for PPC use.
Repro & Produktion
DTP & Office

Printed films & paper

Many Rauch printed films are also suitable for office and home office use. That’s why we offer our film and specialities as made-to-measure products for use in offices or basic photo printers. Rauch paper for colour copiers and colour laser printers are also ideal for everyday printouts in the office or at home. Thanks to the various grammages and formats, you can create customised letters, leaflets or mailings at any time.
Druckfolien Papiere
Hochwertige Papiere für Konstruktion Architektur Büroanwendungen