Because social responsibility is a matter close to our heart

Rauch is dedicated to various social projects within the region. Of course, we know that money itself doesn’t bring happiness. But it can help and provide hope in difficult life situations and bring a happy smile to somebody’s face. Incidentally, we would be extremely grateful if one of the following projects could also count on your support in future.

We donated 3.500,-€
in 2023

Each donation makes a difference and that’s why we are even more pleased to have been able to make a significant contribution to various institutions in our region this year.

We would be grateful if these projects could count on your support, too.

Katharinenhöhe rehabilitation clinic

Finding the path to a better life

The Katharinenhöhe in Schönwald is a leading institution for the rehabilitation of children and young people with oncological, haematological and cardiac diseases. Those affected and their families are provided with comprehensive medical, physiotherapeutic and psychological support to help them get back their lives. The proven, groundbreaking concept including state-of-the-art facilities and a magnificent location in the relaxing environs of the Black Forest offer the optimum conditions for recovery.
More information at www.katharinenhoehe.de.
St. Franziskus Heiligenbronn Foundation

Firmly seated in the saddle with therapeutic horse riding

The St. Franziskus Heiligenbronn Foundation in Schramberg helps people with disabilities to take control of their life and reveal their strengths and skills. In the process, individual mental and physical strengths are tapped into and realised. To achieve this goal, the St. Franziskus Schramberg-Heiligenbronn e. V. association for therapeutic horse riding has been supporting people with physical and mental disabilities for 25 years.
More information at www.stiftung-st-franziskus.de
Kinderschutzbund Spaichingen (child protection association)

Volunteer work to tackle violence and poverty

Around 2.5 million children in Germany live in poverty. For those affected, this often means less opportunity for a good education, poor living conditions and impediments in physical and health development. The Deutsche Kinderschutzbund Bundesverband e.V. is committed to protecting children from violence and child poverty as well as to implementing children’s rights in Germany. In Spaichingen, volunteers for the German Association for the Protection of Children have been performing incredible work for children in the town and surrounding area since 2013.
Tierschutzinitiative Menschen für Tiere e.V.

Volunteer work ‘A big heart for animals’

The Menschen für Tiere e.V. animal protection initiative helps animals in need locally and abroad and supports the prosecution of animal abuse. It also carries out castration programmes to reduce animal suffering abroad. The animals are cared for and shown great affection. With plenty of patience and great sensitivity, the animal shelter set amidst fields and forests aims to regain the trust of frightened animals. The association is funded solely by donations. More information at www.menschenfuertiere.de
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