The experts for photos & fine art

When perfect is only just good enough: Rauch meets the highest standards when it comes to photography, art reproduction and digital art. We’ve acquired the know-how for these demanding tasks that far exceeds that of the competition. We also have one of the most versatile substrate product ranges for water-based inkjet printing.


An art in itself

Unparalleled, detailed prints on unusual surfaces: artists and photographers can offer a unique character to all their creations with paper from the mediaJET® ARTIST LINE. Whether it’s the reproduction of art prints, high-quality graphic designs or abstract photography, the versatility of the mediaJET® ARTIST LINE ranges from classic cotton paper to special print media and allows almost any design imaginable.

Masterfully depicted

Creative and photorealistic high-quality prints: thanks to the specially developed paper quality and surfaces of the mediaJET® PHOTO LINE, photographers, photo artists and their customers can always enjoy excellent results. From classic photo portraits to individual prints with captivating effects – give every design maximum impact with mediaJET® PHOTO LINE.
Hahnemühle DFA

Passion for paper since 1584

The multi-award winning Hahnemühle media fulfils the highest standards of colour gamut, contrast, colour gradation and archivability. The Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection is produced using traditional handmade and flat wire techniques. The result is a unique appearance with outstanding colour intensity and image definition – ideal for digital art prints, limited editions, art reproductions, giclées and photo print-outs. As a distributor of the Hahnemühle Collection DFA, we keep the entire range in stock and will be happy to advise you in more detail.
Hahnemühle DFA
Awagami Inkjet Paper

Exclusively created in the Tokushima mill

Traditionally crafted from natural fibres and handmade with pure mountain water: AIJP paper faithfully retains the texture of Japanese washi yet is specially coated and thus particularly suitable for Asian-style fine art prints. Whether reproductions of art prints, scrolls or drawings, the exceptional paper from Awagami AIJP maximises the creative potential of digital inkjet prints for photographers, artists and designers.
Awagami Inkjetpapiere
Art canvas

Reproductions that look painted

They look deceptively real and can also be printed in any size: Using modern inkjet technology, it is now possible to reproduce artwork in high quality yet at an affordable price. Whether for hotels, conference rooms, restaurants or living rooms: our art canvases and special canvas fabric are guaranteed to impress. What’s more, they are also perfect for special portraits and wedding photographs.
Retail Drylab/Minilab

Photo paper with a versatile surface

Ideal for photographs, one-off prints, greeting cards, invitations, flyers, etc. in various formats. Our high-quality inkjet media in gloss, matte or metallic ensure intense colours and natural colour gradation, professional black/white gradation, high density, pure white tones and sharp, high-resolution prints of outstanding quality.
Retail Drylab/Minilab
Print media for POS

Graphics & production with water-based inks

Our range of print media for water-based ink systems comprise both high-quality matte and special paper as well as various fabrics, textiles, banners, canvases and adhesive films. Media can be universally printed on using dye or pigment inks.
Pre-press proof

Everything that you need

As varied as your assignments, as versatile as your solutions: at Rauch, you’ll find a wide range of products for the pre-press stage, from simple newspaper and stand proof paper to colour proof paper and FOGRA-certified proof substrate.
Druckvorstufe Proof

Simply well made

Our high-quality colour separation films are ideal for creating positive or negative repro templates in the pre-press stage, silkscreen or flexo printing for digital originals and film creation.
Industrial printing

For high-quality individuality

Producing customisable prints using highly productive printing machines and in high, at least offset-like quality is a challenge of our times. The paper quality used here is crucial to economic success and offers a major competitive advantage. For digital printers such as HP Indigo, Kodak Nexpress, Canon Image Press, Konica Minolta bizhub, Rico Pro, Xerox iGen and Xerox 800/1000 we offer a large selection of equally high-quality, innovative print media in our industrial printing range.
Industrial Printing
Document protection

Laminated films & varnishes

You’ll find a wide selection of laminated films and protective varnishes to safeguard your valuable prints. Whether paper, film or canvas, prevent your image from turning yellow, bleaching, moisture and mechanical impacts with the right product.
Exzellente Druckmedien für Fotografie, Kunst, Technik