Canvas Luxor

Genuine canvas-linen, silky gloss

A silk-gloss cotton canvas, characterized by an elegantly, discreet yet natural structure and completely without optical brighteners. With a modern coating that achieves
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The ideal canvas for unique fine art and art reproductions at the highest level. Canvas Luxor is a one-sided coated, silk matte canvas fabric for demanding graphic art applications. This inkjet canvas is particularly suitable for high-quality image presentations, graphics, art and photo reproductions with deepest black values (D-max) and absolutely remarkable color space. The distinctive structure of the fabric is preserved for the viewer. Thanks to the modern and durable inkjet coating, very good water-resistant art prints can be created on many output devices/inks, free of metameric effects and color shifts. The use of pigmented inks or UV inks is recommended for longer display times. Canvas Luxor can be sutured and is also very suitable as a banner. Due to its strength, the material can be mounted very well and dimensionally stable on wedge or tensioning frames even with the largest image formats.

For quality reasons, the processing and storage of Canvas Luxor should take place in a climate of 35-65% relative humidity and at a temperature of 10-30°C. Store in the original packaging in a cool, dry place, clean and dust free. A 24-hour climate adaptation in the processing area is recommended. Attention: turn off the automatic cutting option on your printer! We recommend you feed approximately 50cm of the media out before printing and cut manually after printing.

Material: Canvas
Purpose: Indorrs only
Surface: silky gloss
Gram medium: 360 g/m²
Thickness: 400 µm
Opacity: 98%
Farbe L: 96,0 ±0,5
Farbe a: 0,6 ±0,5
Farbe b: -0,7 ±0,5
PH value: 6,7 ±0,5 -log(H+)
water resistant: Yes
tensile: Yes
sewable: Yes
eyelet-proof: Yes
scratch resistant: Yes

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