signJET PopUp 430S B1

Silk matte, hard PVC Stoplight Film

Extra strong, opaque substrate made of hard PVC with a matte white, low-reflection surface, especially suited for mobile pop-up displays with high, ad-effective colour brilliance. Certified as highly flame-resistant, in accordance with DIN 4012-1 (B1).
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signJET PopUp 430S B1 is a water-proof, coated satin PVC banner for solvent-based inks. The basis of this product is a highly stable, extremely tear-resistant hard PVC plastic with a very good light barrier. The product has a stable feel and stands out through its colour brilliance, high picture definition and long durability, without any colour loss. The product is extremely suitable for rigid displays and for creating impressive presentations using pop-up systems. Using signJET PopUp 430S B1 , you can quickly create flexible advertising signs and rigid banners for both outdoor and indoor usage. The coating allows for very short drying times even at reduced temperature settings on eco or true solvent printers. The product is highly flame-resistant, in accordance with DIN 4012-1. The ideal material combination of hard PVC with solvent inks allows the creation of water-resistant prints with high picture definition and saturation, combined with rapid drying during the print process. The temperature at the printer heating element should be set to a maximum of 30°C, in order to avoid rippling of the medium.

In order to achieve optimum print results, signJET PopUp 430S B1 must first be calibrated on the deployed printers and the corresponding solvent-based inks. signJET PopUp 430S B1 must be handled and stored in atmospheres with approx. 50% relative humidity and at a temperature of approx. 23°C. When printing the film using the roll-to-roll process, the printed web should, if possible, be unrolled again and laid out flat until completely dry. This prevents faults in drying and the bonding of the web caused by solvent residues. It should be stored in the original packaging in cool, dry, clean and dust-free environment.

Material: FOLIE
Surface: MATT
Gram medium: 600 g/m²
Thickness: 430 µm
B1 certified: YES
Cold lamination: YES
Hot lamination: YES
Farbe L: 95,0 ± 1,5
Farbe a: 0,0 ± 1,0
Farbe b: -2,0 ± 1,5
water resistant: YES
tensile: YES
sewable: NO
eyelet-proof: YES
scratch resistant: YES

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