signJET Blueback Satin

Poster paper with colored back

White, semigloss outdoor poster and billboard paper, with blue reverse side print. For waterproof prints with high color brilliance. High-resolution, quick-drying and temperature-resistant.
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signJET Blueback Satin is a highly opaque paper with a barrier coating and blue reverse printing. This paper is characterized by brilliant colors and good colour saturation with homogeneous image quality, it can be folded by machine as well as by hand without white breakage and has excellent posterability. signJET Blueback Satin is characterized by high mechanical stability even at high humidity and has excellent wet strength. Before coming into contact with water, the prints should be left to air open for 4-12 hours. After moistening for at least 24 hours, the paper should be glued immediately. The carrier plate should be coated with the glue and not the paper. Henkel UST 2500N Zellura and Bacoplak Bacocell, for example, can be used as adhesives. Glycols and other solvents must not be added. Overlapping areas must be coated generously with glue; waterproof wood glue may be added for increased adhesive strength (note compatibility). After wetting and drying of the poster, a shrinkage of up to approx. 1% in longitudinal and transverse direction is to be expected.

The ink limit must be adapted to the paper depending on the printer, ink and RIP software used. These ink restrictions shorten the drying time and therefore speed up the production process. The temperatures to be set on the printer for media preheating or by the drying unit should not be set above 40°C (104°F), as higher temperatures can impair the flatness of the paper. To ensure the product properties, the product should be stored and used at 30 65 % relative humidity and at 10 30 °C (50 86 °F).

Material: PAPER
Surface: SILK MATT
Gram medium: 120 g/m²
Thickness: 162 µm
B1 certified: NO
Cold lamination: YES
Hot lamination: YES
Opacity: >97%
Farbe L: 94.6
Farbe a: 0.8
Farbe b: -4
water resistant: YES
tensile: NO
sewable: NO
eyelet-proof: NO
scratch resistant: YES

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