Coated papers

Our matt coated inkjet papers can be used for high-class CAD presentations or other presentation plots. The papers have a special receiving layer for the colour and enable a brilliant colour reproduction.

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PRC 100N

Inkjet paper mat, with special coating

High resolution (up to 1.440dpi) coated mat paper, satinated for high quality CAD- presentation-plots. With Special coating for brillant color reproduction, wipe-resistant drying, suitable for Dye, pigmented and Latex inks. 

PRC 105N

Inkjet paper mat, with special coating

Special coated matte paper for high quality presentation-plots. Satinated, with fine nano coating for brillant color reproduction with deep black , exact lines and fast smear-resistant drying. Also suitable for dye-, pigmented and latex inks

PRC 98

Inkjet-paper matte coated

Coated paper matte for high quality presentation-plots with high resolution. Special coating for brilliant color reproduction and short drying time.

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Focused product

signJET Plakat Metallic

Metalized outdoor poster/billboard paper for waterproof poster prints with high definition and excellent color brilliance. Blue reverse reliably covers underlying posters. Well suited for high print volume and fast printing speeds.

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